Virtual Scottish Open

Virtual Scottish Open 2020

02 November - 09 November

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How to enter


The Virtual Scottish Open will open for submission at 0900 on Monday 02 November.  Submissions will close at 1300 on Monday 09 November.


The Virtual Scottish Open is £15.00 to enter.

Entry requirements

There are no requirements to meet to enter the Virtual Scottish Open.

You can compete if you are a member of Weightlifting Scotland (and BWL).

What do you need to submit

- A complete entry form with all the fields complete.

- A video of your weigh in (max length 30 seconds).

- A video of up to 3 attempts at the snatch lift.

- Avideo of up to 3 attempts at the clean & jerk lift.

- Your videos should include a visible timestamp at all times (we recommend using the 'Timestamp Camera Basic' app).

If any of these fields are submitted incorrectly your entry may be rejected.


- Age Groups

The Virtual Scottish Open will recognise three age groups:

Senior - aged 18 - 34 on 31 December 2020

Masters - aged 35+ on 31 December 2020

Youth - aged 17 and below on 31 December 2020

- Bodyweights

The Virtual Scottish Open will recognise ten bodyweight categories for Senior and Masters lifters:

Men: 55, 61, 67, 73, 81, 89, 96, 102, 109, +109

Women: 45, 49, 55, 59, 64, 71, 76, 81, 87, +87

Youth lifters will also have ten categories to enter:

Men: 49, 55, 61, 67, 73, 81, 89, 96, 102, +102

Women: 40, 45, 49, 55, 59, 64, 71, 76, 81, +81

- Gender

This competition will recognise results in Male and Female gender categories as indicated by the lifter during entry.

Weigh in

- Lifters must weigh in wearing the same clothing and equipment (straps/shoes) that they will wear to lift. You should not wear shoes to weigh in.

- You do not have to wear a singlet to compete, shorts and T-shirt are OK.

- Lifters must be fully visible when stepping onto the scale and must show the weight displayed on the scale.

- To allow for the clothing worn whilst weighing in, 1kg will be taken off the weight shown on the scale display.  For example if you step onto the scales in a singlet, socks and wrist wraps and the display indicates 95.5kg, the officials will record your bodyweight as 94.5kg

- When the lifter begins the weigh in process start a timer or display clock in the weigh in area. The clock or timer must be visible in either the video or photo submission.

- Your lifts must be completed within 3 hours of your weigh in. E.g weigh in filmed at 10am, lifts filmed between 10am and 1pm. You may lift immediately after weighing in.

The Lift

- Lifters must submit two videos with a visible clock or timer that has been continuous since weigh in.  Each video may contain up to three attemps of the snatch and clean & jerk lift, your highest succesful attempt will count towards your Total.

- Videos must show the lifters full body at all times from the start to the end of the lift, including full overhead lockout.

- Camera must be placed directly in front of the lifter and raised to approximately chest height.  Videos filmed from the ground or from the side will not be accepted.

- If you have a lock out issue before starting the lift show the judges your full extension, pause, then lift.

- Weights will only be accepted in kilograms.

- After each attempt you must show the weight loaded on each side of the bar, clearly showing the weight marking on each disc.


- Pulling straps are not allowed.

- Submissions that do not include a weigh in will be rejected.

- In the case of a tie the athlete whose time stamp indicates the earlier successful Total will win.

- Videos that do not display the weights before/after the lifts will be rejected.


- Submissions will be reviewed a BWL Technical Official.

- Every lift will be given a rating out of 5-stars and given a pass/fail comment

- Lifters will receive an approval email when their results are available in the competition video gallery.

- Contact for submission questions.


- The competition will rank every submission in each category for the final results with highest Total winning.

- The final standings will be published within 1 week of the close of the competition.

- Totals from this competition can be used for qualification to national events and included in the BWL rankings (members only).

- Results from this competition will not be eligible to set national records.

Top Entries


Stella MacDougall

Stella MacDougall

Robert Thomson, Men's 81kg, Team Cavanagh

Robert Thomson

Glenn Corrigan

Glenn Corrigan

Apison Neng Wildman, Men’s U61

Apison Wildman

Eve Hamilton, 59kg, unattached

Eve Hamilton

Elizabeth, Winton, 64kg, Forth Valley Weightlifting Club

Elizabeth Winton

Men's 96kg

Adam Bryce

Adam Bryce

Men's 102kg

No entries currently

Men's 109kg

No entries currently

Men's 81kg

Robert Thomson, Men's 81kg, Team Cavanagh

Robert Thomson

Glenn Corrigan

Glenn Corrigan

David Walker, 85kg, Kilwinning Olympic Weightlifting Club

david walker

Nathan Mckendrick

Nathan Mckendrick

Henry Axon

Henry Axon


Steven Mcallan

Men's 73kg

Angus Robertson, YOUTH, Orkney Amateur Weight Lifting Club

Angus Robertson

Jordan Bowie

Jordan Bowie

Antonio Capavanni, Senior 73kg, Stockport Spartans

Antonio Capavanni

Men's 61kg

Apison Neng Wildman, Men’s U61

Apison Wildman

Robbie Adamson, 61 kilo, Orkney Amateur Weightlifting Club

Robbie Adamson


jessica deeley

Men's +109kg

Callum, Downie, 109+, Team Cavanagh

Callum Downie

Men's 89kg

Neil, McWilliams, 89, Team Cavanagh

Neil McWilliams

Chris Jenkins 89kg Inverness Weightlifting Club

Chris Jenkins

Men's 55kg

No entries currently

Men's 67kg

No entries currently

Women's 45kg

No entries currently

Women's 49kg

Lisa Tobias

Lisa Tobias

Women's 55kg

Molly Scrimger, under 23, unattached

Molly Scrimger

Joanna Finlay, 55kg

Joanna Finlay

Ruby Jackson

Ruby Rose Jackson

Women's 59kg

Stella MacDougall

Stella MacDougall

Eve Hamilton, 59kg, unattached

Eve Hamilton

Georgia Rutherford <59kg Cavanagh

Georgia Rutherford

Shannon, Gray, Women’s 59kg, Unaffiliated

Shannon Gray

Regan McMillan

Regan McMillan

Women's 64kg

Elizabeth, Winton, 64kg, Forth Valley Weightlifting Club

Elizabeth Winton

Eunice Xu 64KG

Eunice Xu


Rudi Ferguson

Kirsty Docherty, Female Masters 35, 64kgs, Team Cavanagh Weightlifting

Kirsty Docherty

Lesley Brown women’s Senior under 64kg Ronin Strength

Lesley Brown

Women's 71kg

Louise, Blair, 71, Europa WLC

Louise Blair

Emma Bruce, 71, Glasgow City Barbell

Emma Bruce

Abbie McAlpine team cavanagh

Abbie McApine

Women's 76kg

Agata Herbert, women 76kg senior, unattached

Agata Herbert

Women's 81kg

No entries currently

Women's 87kg

No entries currently

Women's +87kg

No entries currently

Men's 49kg (YOUTH ONLY)

No entries currently

Men's +102kg (YOUTH ONLY)

No entries currently

Women's 40kg (YOUTH ONLY)

No entries currently

Women's +81kg (YOUTH ONLY)

No entries currently

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