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  1. Weigh in
  2. Video yourself completing the challenge
  3. Complete the entry form
  4. Upload your videos to this page

Before submitting your entry please check your weigh in and lifting videos meet the requirements.

Weigh in

Lifters must weigh in wearing the same clothing and equipment (belt/straps/shoes) that they will wear to lift. You do not have to wear a singlet.

Lifters must be fully visible when stepping onto the scale and must show the weight displayed on the scale.
When the lifter begins the weigh in process start a timer or display clock in the weigh in area. The clock or timer must be visible in either the video or photo submission.
Your lifts must be completed within 3 hours of your weigh in. E.g. weigh in filmed at 10am, lifts filmed between 10am and 1pm. You may lift immediately after weighing in.

The Snatch

Lifters must submit one video with a visible clock or timer that has been continuous since weigh in. Your video may contain up to three attempts of the snatch lift, your highest successful attempt will count towards your result.
Videos must show the lifters full body at all times from the start to the end of the lift, including full overhead lockout.
Camera must be placed directly in front of the lifter and raised to approximately chest height. Videos filmed from the ground or from the side will not be accepted.
If you have a lock out issue before starting the lift show the judges your full extension, pause, then lift.
Weights will only be accepted in kilograms.
You must show the discs on both ends of the bar after every attempt

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