British Open Series 2

British Open Series 2

01 - 28 February

Entry fee: £15

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British Virtual Open Series

The British Open Series will feature an initial five rounds between January and May 2021, with each round lasting one calendar month. The second round of the British Open Series will run from 1 - 28 Ferbuary 2021.

The Series will begin as a virtual event, using the same system as Lockdown Lift Off, the Regional Open Series and the BWL Winter Open. The competition will be open to all BWL members across the UK and will be classed as a Tier 3 event. This means results from the competition can be used for rankings and qualification to future national events.

All virtual competitions require competitors to display honesty and integrity when taking part and we are confident that the weightlifting community can and will demonstrate these values.

The competition:

The British Open Series will run as a virtual competition. The competition will be open to all BWL members.

Classed as a Tier 3 event the results from the competition can be used for rankings and qualification to future national events.

Results from this competition cannot be used for new records.


There are no qualification standards to enter the British Open Series

There is no cap on entry numbers. 

Entries will cost £15.00. 

To enter you will need to film yourself making three attempts at the snatch and clean & jerk and upload them to the competition webpage.

Please note that you are permitted to upload videos of three attempts per lift (Snatch and Clean & Jerk) when entering any virtual competition. We strongly encourage lifters to submit videos of all the available attempts to avoid missing out on a total due to a ‘no-lift’ decision for a single attempt video.

All entries for virtual competitions must be performed during the entry period for the competition. For example the British Open Series 2 is open from midday on 01 February until midday on 28 February, and all lift videos must be timestamped within this period to be eligible. Videos with a timestamp outside the entry period will not be accepted for entry.

Key dates 

Entries will open at 1200 midday on Monday 01 February 

Entries will close as 1200 midday on Monday 28 February 

Results will be published in early March

Age groups and results

The British Open Series will recognise three age groups;

Youth (U17) Aged 17 or below on 31 December 2021  

Senior Aged 18 to 34 on 31 December 2021  

Masters* Aged 35 or above on 31 December 2021  

*Masters age groups will be in 5-year increments (35-39, 40-44, 45-49 etc up to 80+)

Weigh in video 

1. ‘The Lifter’ will be given a 1.0kg addition / discretion to their bodyweight, for their outfit.

E.g. a lifter weighing 64kg in clothing will be considered as weighing 63kg   

2. The Lifter must weigh-in wearing the same outfit they wear during all 6 submission attempts

E.g. T-shirt & Leggings or an all in one Lifting suit   

3. The Lifter must weigh-in without footwear or accessory equipment

E.g. Knee Sleeves or Belt 

4. The Scale must have a digital display , digital bathroom scales are acceptable

5. The Scale’s digital display must be visible, and the Lifter must be fully visible when stepping onto the scale throughout the weigh-in video.

6. The ‘Weigh-in Video’ must contain a time stamp (Date & Time)

Lift attempt videos 

7. The ‘Lifting Video’ must contain a time stamp

8. Lifts must be completed within 3 hours of your weigh in.

E.g. Weigh in filmed at 10:00, Lifts filmed between 10:00 and 13:00.    

9. The submission video may contain up to;

Three (3) attempts of the snatch lift   

Three (3) attempts of the Clean & Jerk lift   

10. The ‘Lifting Video’ must;

Be a maximum of 7 minutes long (you can edit a longer video to make it shorter, this is why the timestamps must be visible)  

Capture an unobscured view of the Bar, Weight Plates and Lifter from the start to the end of the lift

The camera must be placed directly in front of the lifter and raised to approximately chest height.

All Weight Plates must be in kilograms.

If you are using competition colour weight plates, you must show the plates on each side of the bar after they have been loaded.

If you are not using competition colour weight plates, you must unload and show the plates on each side of the bar after they have been loaded.

Virtual Submissions may be rejected for the following reasons; 

11. The Lifter must not use Pulling straps 

12. The Submissions must include a ‘Weigh in Video’

13. ‘Lifting Videos’ that do not display the Weight in Kg of Weight plates after a lift will be rejected.

14. Videos filmed from the ground or from the side will not be accepted.

15. Lifting videos filmed outside of the entry period will not be accepted.

16. BWL may disqualy of reject a submission for any other reason that is in clear contradiction with the principles of weightlifting competition and virtual competition integrity.

For more information or queries about entering the British Open Series please contact British Weight Lifting by emailing or call 01132 249 402

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