LYG 2022 Virtual Weightlifting competition


Submit Entry: Monday 2nd May 2022 – Tuesday 31st May 2022 

LYG Publish Results: Wednesday 15th June 2022 

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LYG 2022 Virtual Weightlifting competition

Age:  Secondary Open Likely School Year: Year 9 - 13
Gender: Mixed
Team Size: Minimum: 1 Maximum: Unlimited

 • Submission of weigh-in video along with 3 attempts of the snatch and clean and jerk lifts.

• Individuals must be affiliated to British Weight Lifting.

Membership can be purchased through British Weight Lifting:

• The male and female results are added together for an overall team position.

Boroughs without a full team will still achieve a team position.
Medals: • GOLD (winner), SILVER (2nd place) and BRONZE (3rd place).

Individual and team medals awarded.


1. The competition will be run in accordance with the rules of British Weight Lifting.
2. This competition will take the form of Olympic lifts only, the two lifts being the snatch and clean and jerk.
3. The minimum start lift is 15kg for male and females.
4. All competitors must be affiliated to British Weight Lifting.
5. To enter you will need to film yourself making three attempts at the snatch and clean & jerk and upload them to Launchpad6.

Weigh- in Video

• ‘The Lifter’ will be given a 1.0kg addition/discretion to their bodyweight, for their outfit.
E.g. a Lifter weighing 64kg in clothing will be considered as weighing 63kg.

• The lifter must weigh-in wearing the same outfit they wear during all 6 submission attempts e.g., T-shirt & leggings or an all in one Lifting suit. If a t-shirt is worn, this MUST be tucked in.

• The Lifter must weigh-in without footwear or accessory equipment e.g., knee sleeves or belt.

• The Scale must have a digital display, digital bathroom scales are acceptable.

• The Scale’s digital display must be visible, and the Lifter must be fully visible when stepping onto the scale throughout the weigh-in video.

• The ‘Weigh-in Video’ must contain a time stamp (Date and Time).

Lift Attempt Videos

• The ‘Lifting Video’ must contain a time stamp

• Lifts must be completed within 3 hours of your weigh-in.
E.g. Weigh in filmed at 10:00, Lifts filmed between 10:00 and 13:00.

• The submission video may contain up to; 3 attempts of the snatch lift, 3 attempts of the clean and jerk lift.

• The lifting video must:

Be a maximum of 7 minutes long (you can edit a longer video to make it shorter, this is why time stamps must be visible).

Capture an unobscured view of the Bar, Weight Plates, and Lifter from start to the end of the lift.

The camera must be placed directly in front of the lifter and raised to approximately chest height.

All Weight Plates must be in kilograms.

2.5kg collars, clips or plastic clamps MUST be used for all lifts, if you do not have this equipment, you must inform BWL failure to do so may result in the lifts being judged as ‘no lifts’.

If you are using competition colour weight plates, you must show the plates on one side of the bar before and after each attempt/lift. The bar does not need to be unloaded to show the plates.

If you are not using competition colour weight plates, you must unload and show the plates on one side of the bar before or after each attempt/lift.

Please note that you must have a British Weight Lifting membership to enter this competition.

Once you have purchased your membership, please email with your details to be entered into the competition.

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